Business Growth Workshop for Small and Medium Companies

Rajesh Tedla

Strategic Growth Advisor | former GE Senior Executive | 30+ years of Business growth and Process Improvement Experience | 1200+ Clients

Filson Thomas

Leadership and Personal Development Coach | Organizational Development Specialist | Business Transformation Leader | 20+ years of Corporate Experience

A unique business accelerator and leadership development program for small and medium businesses with at least 25 employees. Jointly organized by the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce and VRT Management Group, LLC. The workshop includes strategy, process, and people transformation methodologies to achieve significant and sustainable growth.

Program Details

CGATM is designed to bring a real-time transformation of Small and Medium-sized Businesses with an exhaustive scope of learning and execution. The program delivery modality comprises of :

• Change or Die

Change is the only thing constant in these uncertain times. Learn how to change when change isn’t coming naturally, when the difficulties stubbornly persist, or when you’re stuck.

• The Stages of Business Growth

Predict challenges and opportunities of the growing company and strategize to capitalize on them

• Five Levels of Leadership

Building the foundation of leadership culture that will enable an outstanding work culture and a thriving company

• Leadership Assessments at the individual and team level

Understand each leadership team member’s behaviors (what they do), driving forces (why they do), acumen (clarity around their environment and self-view), and competencies (their strengths).

• Dynamic Communications

Connect with your team so that all of you are aligned and driving towards the same desired results.

• Defining Company Culture

Define and Communicate your Vision / Mission / Values / Accountabilities / Norms to build a long-lasting culture of employee satisfaction and growth

• Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Assess your ability to perceive, utilize, and manage your emotions and the emotions of people you interact with for enhanced productivity and creating an excellent work environment

• Personal Development Plan

Individualized personal development plan to help take their leadership roles to the next level

• Defining OKRs

Design and develop strategic Objectives and Key Result Areas (OKRs) for short-term and long-term growth

• Sales and Marketing Playbook

Learn and implement sales and marketing playbooks through unique sales Target Selling methodology assessments and challenger sales profile methodology

• Relationship Development

How to build trusting relations to grow business

• Strategic Planning and Execution

Best Business and Leadership Practices for positive impact

• Project Charter

Building project charters and forming execution teams on high-priority initiatives (3 – 5 initiatives)

• Long-term Business Planning

Creating the first draft of a one-year plan (2023) and three-year plan (till 2025), and execution goals

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Corporate Growth AllianceTM

Program Duration

6 months

Contact Person

Mr. P. J. Prunty

Contact No

+1 (203) 743-5565

CGATM is highly recommended and will be impactful for


Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) Owners with a growth mindset who have been in business for more than two years and are looking for professional assistance to nurture high-performing employees and develop them to take on leadership roles to grow the business.


CEOs and other C-Suite Executives seek expert advice/coaching/mentoring for organizational transformation, including improving business processes, implementing growth strategies, and restructuring the company.


Highly Passionate Entrepreneurs <>running a successful business but stuck in the growth process due to ineffective goal setting, organizational design, long-term strategic planning, or some other process challenges.

The Program will Help You
Build a Thriving culture and an Impactful Leadership Team to

Learn Best Business Practices:

You will get acquainted with some of the best practices in areas like processes, structures, innovation, people & culture adopted by the most successful organizations in the world. You will learn how to implement those principles to create a noticeable positive impact on your organization.

Master Emotional Intelligence:

You will become more self-aware and gain increased awareness about the emotions of others and your surroundings to build trusting relationships. These skills will help you to plan and build cohesive teams to further business objectives.

Design and Deploy Innovative Strategies:

You will develop a unique perspective of looking at business processes through different lenses and determining the best possible ways to achieve the organizational vision.

Create Efficient Sales & Marketing Processes:

You will develop the courage to take up these mission-critical functions for your company’s survival. You can create functional playbooks to maximize your sales pipeline and revenue growth.

Meet your Coach

Rajesh Tedla

CEO & Chief Transformation Officer
Raj brings over 32 years of outstanding experience and expertise to everything he does. As the Chief Transformation Officer of VRT Management Group, Raj’s expertise includes business transformation, leadership and organizational development, executive coaching, marketing, six sigma, Lean, and customer insights. He has researched, written, trained, and consulted extensively within these disciplines and designed several high-impact growth programs for small and medium businesses. Over the last 14 years, he has helped hundreds of businesses find their growth trajectory and has coached more than 1200 entrepreneurs. His impeccable business acumen, extensive industry experience, and amazing mentoring skills are key assets that have made him a highly sought business coach. He regularly participates as a guest speaker at many business forums, including Stanford University entrepreneurship development programs.

Before founding VRT Management Group, Raj held the position of the Senior Vice President – Marketing/growth leader, Capital Markets, GE Capital. During his twelve-plus-year stint at GE, he created, led, and implemented numerous process improvement initiatives worldwide, enabling additional revenue generation measuring millions.

Filson Thomas

Principal Consultant
Filson is an accomplished Leadership coach and personal growth trainer. He serves as an Executive Director with Maxwell Leadership Certified Team, the world’s top leadership development company. With an intense passion for organizational development, he helps leaders make a difference by inspiring and empowering them to live more purposefully, lead more effectively and influence more deliberately. As a Transformation Coach, he also helps organizations impact the world by inspiring them to create a true mission, develop dynamic leadership, and nurture intentional growth. An ever-passionate proponent of Transformational leadership, Filson has garnered the reputation as a “Change Agent” for many agencies and corporations in America with struggling governance. Filson holds a master’s degree in computer science and is a Certified Project Management Professional with PMI. Starting his journey as an IT Professional in India, he spent about 20 years in top-flight corporates in Dubai, Europe, and the USA, as a lead for various international projects and assignments. He also has led and served on numerous non-profit boards in leadership positions.

See what people are saying

What You Think is What You Get !!!

A very basic, but powerful principle that every successful entrepreneur practice in their life.

Register for the Program

Corporate Growth AllianceTM

Program Duration

6 months

Contact Person

Mr. P. J. Prunty

Contact No

+1 (203) 743-5565

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the critical aspects of leadership is ongoing LEARNING,  UNLEARNING, and RELEARNING. This workshop will provide new ideas and methodologies to help unlearn a few old processes and relearn new processes to be resilient in a volatile business environment.

This workshop will provide additional best practices and insights that will enhance your MBA skills and accelerate the implementation and execution of best practices.

Please email rajtedla@vrt9.com with your situation and send a friend or colleague to attend the workshop on your behalf. Please tell them to take plenty of notes so they can share best practices with you.

You need to dedicate at least 4 to 5 hours each week once you understand the principles. Be assured that your time in the sessions will add immense value to your personal development as an entrepreneur and grow your business.

Your facilitators are very seasoned professionals with over 50+ years of combined experience and had the pleasure of serving over 252 SMB customers.  You can check their LinkedIn profiles at https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajeshtedla/. You can always send an email to rajtedla@vrt9.com. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide additional insights.

There will be no refunds for cancellations.  You can always substitute a friend or a colleague in your place if, for some reason, your schedule changes and you cannot attend the workshop.