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Cohort 2401 Information

Cohort Start Dates:

- Session is on Thursday of every week, and each session is 3 hours long.
- Followed by Mentoring sessions on Alternative Tuesday and Saturday, each lasting 2 hours.


- Starting Date: February 1, 2024
- Last date for Registration: December 31, 2023


- Mentoring Sessions
- EGA Sessions

Don't let stagnation dictate your journey. Entrepreneur Growth Alliance (EGA)TM is more than a program; it's the transformation you've been waiting for.

Program Overview

The Entrepreneur Growth Alliance (EGA)TM offers a holistic program, meticulously designed to transform both the entrepreneur and their business venture. Our approach begins with the core principle of "Change or Die," highlighting the importance of adaptability and a transformative mindset in the unpredictable business landscape. This foundational philosophy is complemented by our emphasis on dynamic communication, which we evaluate using the TriMetrix HD Assessment, ensuring every leader understands their personal communication style and its implications.

To further enhance our personalized approach, we delve into the Stages of Business Growth Assessment. This helps entrepreneurs identify where they are in their business journey and what specific strategies are required to advance to the next level. With a foundation of understanding in place, we guide businesses in developing their Vision, Purpose, Values, Accountabilities, and Norms. Our integrated approach includes strategic planning and execution, combining best practices in business and leadership to drive growth. This is enriched by our unique module, "Growth As a Process," offering tools like Annual Planning, SER and SPR, and the implementation of OKRs.

Looking ahead, our program also provides a strategic roadmap for not only the immediate year but extends into a three-year horizon. SWOT analysis, a critical tool for businesses, ensures that all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are evaluated in detail. To round off, we focus on honing the emotional intelligence of leaders and deep-diving into the five levels of leadership. This, coupled with our commitment to communication, enables leaders to convey their Vision, Purpose, and other core principles effectively to every team member.

Hypothetical Example

Take "GreenTech Innovations," a budding eco-tech firm. When they joined EGA, they were at a standstill, with inconsistent growth and a fragmented leadership approach. Our "Change or Die" principle resonated with them, urging them to reevaluate their mindset. Post their TriMetrix HD Assessment, the CEO realized her communication style was unintentionally suppressing innovation. With the Stages of Business Growth Assessment, they recognized they were at a 'Predictable Success' stage, needing strategies to scale without losing their core essence.

Using EGA's guidance, GreenTech refined its Vision, aiming to be a global leader in sustainable tech solutions. Their SWOT analysis highlighted their strength in innovative solutions but a weakness in market outreach. With our strategic roadmap, they planned not just for the current year but also visualized where they'd be three years down the line. Their leadership team, after going through our debriefs, began fostering a culture driven by Emotional Quotient, which had a cascading positive effect on team morale. Today, with EGA's guidance and the commitment of the GreenTech team, they are on a trajectory towards unprecedented growth.

Session 1

1. Change or Die - Embrace Evolution:

Cultivate a mindset geared towards radical transformation.

2. Leadership Unleashed:

Tap into the full spectrum of your organization's leadership capacity with the 'Five Levels of Leadership.

Session 2

Mentoring Session

3. Reflective Mastery:

Chart your business's future success through strategic reflection.

4. Communication Breakthrough:

Harness the power of dynamic interactions with TriMetrix HD.

Session 3

Mentoring Session

5. Growth Trajectory:

Convert challenges into victories as you navigate your business's success journey.

6. Project Precision:

Navigate each project phase with unmatched clarity.

Session 4

Mentoring Session

7. Visionary Planning:

Condense your strategic foresight into a potent one-page plan.

8. Systemized Progress:

Employ a detailed strategy execution timeline, including SPR and SER.

Session 5

Mentoring Session

9. Enduring Strategies:

Customize training for sustained entrepreneurial achievement.

10. OKR Revolution:

Drive transformative results with the OKR methodology.

Session 6

Mentoring Session

11. Visionary Architecture:

Define your enterprise's core with our blueprint for success.

12. Team Potential:

Maximize efficiency and synergy with Talent Insights.

Session 7

Mentoring Session

13. EQ Advantage:

Leverage emotional intelligence to turbocharge collaboration and growth.

14. Marketing & Sales Transformation:

Convert leads to revenue with precision.

Session 8

Mentoring Session

15. SWOT Analysis:

Gain critical insights to harness your business's full potential.

16. Strategic Roadmaps:

Detailed annual and triennial plans to sculpt your business future.

Session 9

Mentoring Session

17. Communication Excellence:

Enhance team performance and inspire change.

18. Project Navigation:

Tailored charters to steer your projects to their destination.

Session 10

Mentoring Session

19. Sales Success:

Implement cutting-edge selling techniques.

20. SMB Evolution:

Scale your business with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Mentoring Session

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