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Sarah, an entrepreneur like you, felt her once-thriving business was suddenly standing still. Stagnation overshadowed growth. Then, she found EGATM. Today, she's outpacing competitors and setting industry benchmarks.

Don't let stagnation dictate your journey. Entrepreneur Growth Alliance (EGA)TM is more than a program; it's the transformation you've been waiting for.

In entrepreneurship, you never stop or get a break-you just power forward....
You can only survive and thrive if you are resilient - From SMART STARTUPS

Program Overview

Entrepreneur Growth AllianceTM Where Your Business Dreams Take Flight!

Welcome to the Entrepreneur Growth Alliance (EGA)TM your new partner in making your business soar! Entrepreneur Growth Alliance™, we strongly believe that to keep growing, changes are a must ("Change or Die" - that’s our mantra!). We start by exploring the way you communicate with a cool tool called TriMetrix HD Assessment, making sure you and your team are always on the same page and working together seamlessly.

Entrepreneur Growth AllianceTM's Plan: Simple Steps to Skyrocket Your Business

But there’s more! We help you figure out exactly where your business stands and how to get it where you want it to be, with something we call the Stages of Business Growth Assessment. Think of it as your business’s personal roadmap! We’ll also help you define what your business is all about and where it aims to go. And don’t worry, we're here to help with planning out not just the upcoming year but the next three, ensuring a smooth and strategic journey ahead.

We make it easy to spot and leverage your strengths, manage weaknesses, and grab hold of new opportunities with SWOT analysis. And to wrap it all up, we’ll dive into leadership and emotional smarts to ensure you lead your team with confidence and clarity, every step of the way!

Program Overview

The Entrepreneur Growth Alliance (EGA)TM offers a holistic program, meticulously designed to transform both the entrepreneur and their business venture. Our approach begins with the core principle of "Change or Die," highlighting the importance of adaptability and a transformative mindset in the unpredictable business landscape. This foundational philosophy is complemented by our emphasis on dynamic communication, which we evaluate using the TriMetrix HD Assessment, ensuring every leader understands their personal communication style and its implications.

To further enhance our personalized approach, we delve into the Stages of Business Growth Assessment. This helps entrepreneurs identify where they are in their business journey and what specific strategies are required to advance to the next level. With a foundation of understanding in place, we guide businesses in developing their Vision, Purpose, Values, Accountabilities, and Norms. Our integrated approach includes strategic planning and execution, combining best practices in business and leadership to drive growth. This is enriched by our unique module, "Growth As a Process," offering tools like Annual Planning, SER and SPR, and the implementation of OKRs.

Looking ahead, our program also provides a strategic roadmap for not only the immediate year but extends into a three-year horizon. SWOT analysis, a critical tool for businesses, ensures that all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are evaluated in detail. To round off, we focus on honing the emotional intelligence of leaders and deep-diving into the five levels of leadership. This, coupled with our commitment to communication, enables leaders to convey their Vision, Purpose, and other core principles effectively to every team member.

Hypothetical Example

Take "GreenTech Innovations," a budding eco-tech firm. When they joined EGA, they were at a standstill, with inconsistent growth and a fragmented leadership approach. Our "Change or Die" principle resonated with them, urging them to reevaluate their mindset. Post their TriMetrix HD Assessment, the CEO realized her communication style was unintentionally suppressing innovation. With the Stages of Business Growth Assessment, they recognized they were at a 'Predictable Success' stage, needing strategies to scale without losing their core essence.

Using EGA's guidance, GreenTech refined its Vision, aiming to be a global leader in sustainable tech solutions. Their SWOT analysis highlighted their strength in innovative solutions but a weakness in market outreach. With our strategic roadmap, they planned not just for the current year but also visualized where they'd be three years down the line. Their leadership team, after going through our debriefs, began fostering a culture driven by Emotional Quotient, which had a cascading positive effect on team morale. Today, with EGA's guidance and the commitment of the GreenTech team, they are on a trajectory towards unprecedented growth.

Who is this for?

Feeling the pressure of leadership? If your dedicated team of 11 to 70 members is relying on you for the next big move, it's time to act.
Join the ranks of leaders who aren't just dreaming but are doing.

Leadership Accountability

Customized for your organization's top three leaders to unite and embark on a shared journey, guaranteeing a unified approach to growth strategies and organizational scaling.

Collaborative Learning

Fosters an environment where these leaders master essential business tools and leadership skills cohesively.

Effective Execution

Assists the leadership team in effectively supporting each other to execute enterprise-wide strategies efficiently and successfully.

Target Audience

Tailored for entrepreneur-driven small businesses with a team size ranging from 11 to 70 members.

Growth Mindset

Ideal for businesses that intrinsically prioritize continuous growth, both in terms of business scale and personnel development.

Visionary Goals

For businesses that are not just chasing immediate victories, but are set on a trajectory for sustainable long-term growth and profitability.

EGATM Workshops & Toolkits

Unlock a series of comprehensive modules crafted for entrepreneurial success:


Feel like your strategies are outdated and ineffective?

Each day you stick to old methods, you're losing ground to competitors making smarter moves.


Arm yourself with EGA's powerful modules, designed to catapult businesses to the forefront of their industries

Change or Die

Foster a transformative mindset essential for evolution.
1. Change or Die
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Full Leadership Potential Alliance™

Unlock Your Leadership Potential with 'Five Levels of Leadership'.
2. Full Leadership Potential Alliance™
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Art of Reflection

Guiding Your Future Success through the 'Power of Reflection'.
3. Art of Reflection
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Dynamic Communication Training.

Unlock Dynamic Communication with TriMetrix HD Assessment.
4. Dynamic Communication Training.
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Stages of Growth!

Turning Pitfalls into Milestones, Navigating Success!
5. Stages of Growth!
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Masterful Project Charters!

Clarity in Every Step of Your Journey.
6. Masterful Project Charters!
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One-Page Strategic Plan!

Unlock the Potential of Unified Vision.
7. One-Page Strategic Plan!
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Strategy Execution Calendar

Strategy Performance Review (SPR), Strategy Execution Review (SER)
8. Strategy Execution Calendar
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Strategize and Innovate for Enduring Success

Elevate Entrepreneurs with Custom Training.
9. Strategize and Innovate for Enduring Success
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OKR Framework!

unlock the transformative power of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)
10. OKR Framework!
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Vision and Values Blueprint!

Crafting Vision, Mission, Values, and More - We Lead the Way.
11. Vision and Values Blueprint!
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Unique Talent Insights Team Report!

Unlock Team Potential with Talent Insights Team Reports.
12. Unique Talent Insights Team Report!
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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Understanding in the Business Journey.
13. Emotional Intelligence
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Proven Marketing and Sales Playbook!

Turning Prospects into Profits Seamlessly.
14. Proven Marketing and Sales Playbook!
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Robust SWOT Analysis!

SWOT Insights Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.
15. Robust SWOT Analysis!
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Expertly Crafted 1 & 3 Year Strategic Plans!

Shaping Your Future: Year 1 and Year 3 Strategic Plans.
16. Expertly Crafted 1 & 3 Year Strategic Plans!
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Stellar Communication Plans!

Empower, Engage, and Drive Change with Your Team.
17. Stellar Communication Plans!
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Tailored Project Charters!

Your Guiding Beacon: Expertly Crafted Project Charters.
18. Tailored Project Charters!
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Target Selling Methodology

Customizing products/services for better sales.
19. Target Selling Methodology
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Entrepreneur SMB Excellence... Scaling MIndset

Fostering a scaling mindset for SMB success.
20. Entrepreneur SMB Excellence... Scaling MIndset
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Change or Die

Foster a transformative mindset essential for evolution.

Dynamic Communication

Dive into your personal report with the TriMetrix HD Assessment.

Business Growth Metrics

Understand the stages of your business's growth.

Core Foundations

Define your vision, purpose, values, accountabilities, and norms.

Strategic Planning & Execution

Master 7 crucial business and leadership practices.

Growth as a Process

Dive into annual planning, OKRs, and strategic blueprints.

Forward Vision

A roadmap for this year and the next three.

SWOT Analysis

Pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Leadership Dynamics

Understand team behaviors and driving forces.

Emotional Leadership

Explore EQ and the five pivotal levels of leadership.

High-Priority Initiatives

Formulate project charters and execution teams.

All-Employee Communication

Launch your core foundations to the entire team.

Trainer, Coach and Masterful Thinking Partner


Rajesh Tedla

The Architect of Business Transformation

With over 34+ years under his belt, Rajesh Tedla has been the beacon for businesses, leading them towards unparalleled success. As the visionary CEO of VRT Management Group, LLC, Raj's dedication to nurturing entrepreneurs is palpable through his groundbreaking programs - EGA and EGOS. His global influence is a testament, having coached 1376+ entrepreneurs, ensuring their ventures soar. From the halls of GE Capital to his pursuit of a Doctorate in Business Administration specializing in Entrepreneurial Growth, Raj's journey is an embodiment of dedication, vision, and unmatched expertise.

[Understanding Growth As A Process ]

[Managing Growth at Different Stages of a Business]

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Benefits of Enrolling

Frequently Asked Questions

This training program is very comprehensive and intended to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and leadership qualities along with the competency to address modern-day business challenges. If you have been in business for a few years and feel stuck with growth, the sessions will help you identify the bottlenecks and develop a plan to tackle future business scenarios. Furthermore, this program covers training for three high-potential leadership candidates for your organization who will be instrumental in helping you achieve your business growth objectives.

You need to dedicate only 4 to 5 hours each week. Please refer to the course schedule for complete details. Be assured that the time you spend on the sessions will add immense value to your personal development as an entrepreneur and business leader.

Although you will have access to the session recordings, we strongly advise you not to miss the live sessions. You will miss the key benefits of cohort-based learning, i.e., the opportunity of interacting with your coach and the peer group. So, please block your calendar well in advance as per the cohort schedule.

Please write to us regarding your concerns/apprehensions at advisor@vrt9.com. I will be happy to schedule a call to discuss the details and share insights on how this course can accelerate your entrepreneurial journey.

The fee will be refunded for cancellations made before the commencement of the EGA program. There will be no refunds after the completion of the TriMetrix HD assessment. There will be no partial or prorated refunds for missed sessions. You will have access to the session recordings.

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The last date for registration is 25th March 2024.

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Jumping into the EGA™ program was like getting a secret map to success! It shaped my thinking, decision-making, and leadership, boosting my business growth by 200% within two years. I became not just a dreamer but an achiever!


Investing in the EGA™ program turned out to be my jackpot moment! It wasn't just a learning experience but a transformation that taught me to set, plan, and chase goals while nurturing a robust team and a responsible work culture. My business soared by 300% in three years, and it’s all thanks to EGA™!


If you're a business owner hungry for growth, EGA™ is your feast! Jam-packed with invaluable insights and backed by immensely supportive coaches, I vouch for EGA™ to any entrepreneur who's eyeing the next big leap in their business journey!


EGA™ was my antidote to fear and hesitation in business! It didn't just teach me entrepreneurship skills but injected me with confidence and risk-taking abilities. My gratitude for EGA™ is boundless for changing my life and turning me into a triumph story!


EGA™ is the ultimate entrepreneur's toolkit! Offering a 360-degree view of business from strategy, and leadership to marketing, with the bonus of amazing coaches, it's the go-to program for any business owner who wants to sculpt their path to success!


Stepping into EGA™ was like turning on the high beam on my entrepreneurial journey! Brimming with critical insights and championed by stellar coaches, EGA™ is my solid recommendation to any business owner serious about escalating their business game!


The EGA™ program was the investment that paid the best interest - in my personal growth and my business's success. My acquired skills and knowledge turned me into the entrepreneur I aspired to be. EGA™ didn't just influence my business; it transformed my life!


EGA™ isn't just a program; it's the business ally you didn't know you needed! With an arsenal of vital information and coaches that practically handhold you through challenges, EGA™ is my top recommendation for entrepreneurs set on propelling their business upwards!

See what people are saying