Growth As A Process<br><small>Unleashing exponential growth through a structured and repeatable process.</small>

Growth As A Process
Unleashing exponential growth through a structured and repeatable process.

One of the most critical challenges faced by entrepreneurs and small business owners is to achieve Consistent Growth and Scalability. Statistics show that about 80% of newly established businesses in the USA fail within five years. This huge failure percentage of companies is always a matter of concern. Just imagine if this is the general scenario during healthy business cycles, how worst can it get it can get during a recession or down economic cycles.

But why do so many businesses fail?

There could be many possible answers to this question. But the fundamental reason businesses fail to scale up is their inability to adapt and pivot quickly to the changing market demands and their inability to identify their ideal client. Furthermore, most entrepreneurs have a narrow view of growth. For them, growth manifests in achieving a few numbers and metrics they set for a particular year. But real and sustainable growth is much more than achieving numbers. It’s about nurturing your business internally in terms of Strategy, People, and Processes.

There is a fundamental rule for a small business, i.e., ‘If it is not growing, it is dying.’ The business environment is always changing and growing, and that’s the harsh reality most businesses face. Hence, growth becomes a critical element for a business to survive. The only way for entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable business growth is by making ‘Growth As A Process (GAAP).’

You must be wondering how growth can be a process! Yes, it can be designed as a process. But not from an operational or tactical point of view but from a strategic perspective. GAAP is a business growth strategy consisting of a set of timebound activities and frameworks that are highly effective and repeatable. It works best for entrepreneur-led small and medium-sized businesses. GAAP can deliver exceptional business growth year-on-year if implemented rigorously under the right guidance.

At its core, GAAP is a set of structured activities for the company’s leadership team to achieve organizational objectives. But the critical factor for its success is execution and implementation with agility while maintaining the time frames throughout the year. The process will help you learn and understand your organization’s anchors deeply, discover your core competencies, and identify the right people for the right jobs. Below is the sample activity calendar that is carried out under the Growth As A Process strategy:

All the above activities are carried out sequentially and spread across a year to effect better planning. This process can be repeated yearly in a cyclical manner which can help an organization achieve accelerated and exponential growth.

At VRT Management Group, we have implemented the Growth As A Process strategy for our clients for the past 25 years. If you are stuck in your business and need help to see a clear road map, we are here to help.