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Understand, Upgrade & Unleash your competencies (soft skills), driving forces, and behaviors to accelerate your entrepreneurial dreams.


Rajesh Tedla

Strategic growth advisor | former GE senior executive | 34+ years’ of business growth expertise | Entrepreneurship trainer at Stanford | 1200+ entrepreneurs and small business scale-up


Current and Future Entrepreneurs: Discover if you have what it takes to build and grow a successful business. You will learn to develop a strong entrepreneurial mindset with the right behaviors, driving forces, and competencies that will enable you to grow as an entrepreneur and scale your business successfully.

Who should attend this course


A business owner, who feels stuck in the growth process and wondering if it is due to the lack of personality attributes to grow a business


An aspiring entrepreneur, who wants to start his / her own business and unsure of becoming successful


An individual in a leadership role, who wants to become more effective in driving and inspiring their team to achieve great results.

What you'll learn in the program

Get a holistic picture of your own logical and emotional dimensions by understanding the magnitude of your 12 driving forces, 12 behaviors, and 25 competencies (soft skills), through a research-backed assessment.
Get a six-month customized personal development plan based on the GAP report (compared to top 15 traits for success) that will help you enhance your skills and effectiveness as an entrepreneur.
Understand what it takes to be a successful leader and be effective at decision-making, inspiring and influencing stakeholders, and improving performance and productivity of employees.
Understand the mindset of successful entrepreneurs, and how they view and deal with different business challenges by decoding their top 4 driving forces, 4 behaviors, and 7 competencies (soft skills).
Discover the principles of dynamic communication to learn and master behavior-based communications to inspire, influence, and impress people to achieve success in personal and professional life.
Master the art of consultative and persuasive selling by understanding the TARGET Sales Approach. This method will help you discover buyers’ intentions and journeys specific to your industry. and craft your sales strategies to build a robust sales pipeline.

$1299 USD


March 14th, 2024 (Session-1)
March 16th, 2024 (Session-2)
Last day to enroll: March 12th, 2024




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Program Highlights

Six hours of live teaching sessions via Zoom, spread over four weeks.

Learn with a group of peers via case studies and small group discussions.

Get access to the session recordings, tools, and templates for future reference.

Every participant will receive a customized binder with their TriMetrix HD report, GAP report, and personal development plan.

Course Syllabus

Personality Profiling through Psychometric Assessment

  • Understanding successful entrepreneurs’ psychometric profiles using the benchmark process.
  • Understanding the comparison report created utilizing individual reports and successful entrepreneurs’ job benchmark profiles.
  • Understanding of your own strengths and weakness to become a successful entrepreneur and scale your business profitability.

Success through Dynamic Communications

  • Learning about self – Deep learning about behaviors (how you do), driving forces (why you do), acumen (how you view the world), and competencies (your skills).
  • Learning about others and developing a roadmap to effectively communicating with others who are very different than ourselves.

Seven Best Practices for Impactful Leadership

  • Learn about your growth journey, practices, and a customized personal development plan to enhance your ability to scale your business.
  • Chart out a personalized roadmap that will enable you to enhance your top four behaviors, top four driving forces, and top seven competencies to accelerate your growth

Sell with confidence - TARGET Selling Method

  • Develop a deeper understanding of sales process and sales cycle.
  • Learn effective probing skills and listening techniques to understand customer needs better.
  • Understand how to establish trust, build rapport and overcome sales challenges to close deals faster.

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December 31st, 2023

Meet your Instructor

Rajesh Tedla

Founder and CEO
VRT Management Group

Rajesh Tedla (Raj), with a career spanning 34+ years, is a visionary CEO and trusted advisor known for his strategic leadership and transformative expertise. As CEO of VRT Management Group, LLC, he has driven businesses to unprecedented success. Raj’s influence extends globally as he coaches over 1376+ entrepreneurs, and his innovative programs, Entrepreneur Growth AllianceTM (EGA) and Entrepreneur Growth Operating SystemTM (EGOS), exemplify his commitment to small business growth. His authority in the industry has earned him a place at prestigious forums, and his legacy is marked by exceptional leadership at GE Capital and a multifaceted education that includes a pursuit of a Doctorate in Business Administration specializing in Entrepreneurship Growth and Success. Raj’s unwavering dedication and vision continue to shape the future of business growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur or has already ventured into entrepreneurship. If you have been in business for a few years and feel stuck with growth, the sessions will help you identify the bottlenecks and, prepare and develop a plan to tackle future business scenarios.

There will be no better time for you to subscribe to this course. It will help you realize the chances of success with the current state of your intrinsic motivation and plan accordingly.

You need to dedicate only 4 to 5 hours each week. Please refer to the course schedule for complete details. Be assured that the time you spend on the sessions will add immense value to your personal development as an entrepreneur.

Although you will have access to the session recordings, we strongly advise you not to miss the live sessions. You will miss the key benefit of cohort based learning i.e. the opportunity of interacting with your coach and the peer group. So, please block your calendar well in advance as per the cohort schedule.

Please write to rajtedla@vrt9.com. I will be happy to schedule a call to discuss the details and share insights on how this course can accelerate your entrepreneurial journey.

Please note that once registration is done, there will be no refunds. However, you can nominate a person to participate in the cohort. Furthermore, once the TrimetrixHD assessment is done, your can not substitute or nominate another person or even participate yourself in the program.