Understand your business Stages of Growth and all activities that you must execute to crack the code of your Organization’s Growth

Stage 1 - Start Up (1-10 Employees)

To Envision a company where none likely existed before. Therefore, the business owner works to transform that vision into a living reality.
Stage 1 Challenges: Cash Flow, Chaotic Periods, New Product Development, Limited Capital, Expanding Sales

Stage 2 - Ramp Up (11-19 Employees)

In this stage, survival is not an issue, rather Growth is paramount. The company needs to support higher sales levels of what it already has and generate a positive cash flow.
Stage 2 Challenges: High Quality Staff, Expanding Sales, Cash Flow, Communication Gap, Limited Capital

Stage 3 – Delegation (20-34 Employees)

In this stage, the company has grown beyond CEO/Owner’s span of control, calling for higher need to delegate control.
Stage 3 Challenges: Staff Buy In, Communication Gap, Business/ Profit Design, Unclear Values, Resistant to Change

Stage 4 – Professional (35-57 Employees)

The complexity of the company in this stage requires advanced operational and managerial systems. Therefore, the Leadership has to invest in training before it is needed.
Stage 4 Challenges: Project Management, Problem Diagnosis, Employee Turnover, Systems Development, Growth Plans

Stage 5 – Integration (58-95 Employees)

In this stage the mission is to get the whole firm acting together so that it can operate from a position of strength.
Stage 5 Challenges: Expanding Sales, Anticipating Problems, Cost of Lost Expertise, Business/Profit Design, Staff Training

Stage 6 – Strategic (96 – 160 Employees)

In this stage a business move from an annual planning perspective to a MULTI YEAR strategic perspective.
Stage 6 Challenges: Staff Buy In, Staff Satisfaction, New Staff Orientation, Business/Profit Design, Hiring Quality Staff

Stage 7 – Visionary (161-500 Employees)

Identify new burgeoning opportunities, foster exploration, develop action plans and assign the resources to manifest those plans.
Stage 7 Challenges: Marketing Positions, Inadequate Profit, New Product Development, Business/Profit Design, Market Change