Unconventional Mindset to Solve Uncertain Business Challenges.

Unconventional Mindset to Solve Uncertain Business Challenges.

What is a Paradox Mindset

A paradox is a statement that seems self-contradictory but still makes sense at a deeper level. Some well-known paradoxical statements are:
Change is the only constant
• Less is More
• Earn money by spending it
From the literature perspective, such kind of statements stand out and helps gain attention. But on the behavioral front, it instills a way of creative thinking that can be very powerful while dealing with paradoxical scenarios. A paradox mindset embraces the ambiguity that comes with conflicting situations. It suggests alternative perspectives by rejecting assumptions, prejudice, and misconception, and explores new ways to integrate thoughts of opposite polarity (both/and approach).

Problems have solutions, Paradoxes don't. It’s about embracing and balancing both.

Paradox thinking is exactly the opposite of rational thinking, which obviously is very uncomfortable. Our thoughts basically follow the principle of electricity flow. They take the path of least resistance. This is the reason why most people find it hard to engage in creative thought processes. Because they need to resist the resistance and force their thoughts to flow in a new direction. This also explains why people do not change.


Can a Paradox mindset be developed and how to do that !!!

Like any other skill, a paradox mindset can be cultivated by regular practice. In a fast-evolving world, a rational mindset can help you progress only so much. The paradox mindset on the other hand is a growth-oriented approach that will help you gain a futuristic point of view and dynamic problem-solving skills.

A paradox mindset is for the leadership of the future. It’s not easy to adopt due to the plethora of contradictory and complex thought processes that it evokes. But done right, the outcome is quite rewarding from an organizational perspective. A leader with this mindset fosters an environment of creativity and innovation. A paradox mindset has proven to be a valuable management strategy for futuristic and fast-growing organizations, where conflicting thoughts and ambiguity are the norms on any given day.